Do you Eat curd with salt if not then know benefits of Curd with salt

Eating curd with salt
Do you Eat curd with salt if not then know the benefits of Curd with salt?

Welcome to the Home remedies treatment blog today we are talking about to Eating curd with salt is good or bad so this blog post is really very helpful information perspective for you so stick with the post till the end. Eat curd with salt or with sugar? Know which of these two ways of eating curd is more healthy We have grown up eating curd and sugar since childhood, so some people say that curd should be eaten with salt. So, let's know which method is healthy.

Eating curd with salt is good or bad?

Most of us know about the benefits of eating curd. But have you ever stopped for two minutes and thought about whether the way of eating curd is right or wrong. Yes, in childhood, when we used to go for important work, our mother used to feed us curd and sugar. But when we grow up, we get to eat curd mixed with salt for lunch. So, some people say that we should eat curd with jaggery to avoid diabetes and obesity. So, after all, do you know what is the right way to eat curd?

Benefits of eating curd sugar (Curd With Sugar Benefits)

According to Ayurveda, eating curd sugar increases the supply of glucose in the brain. Also, it helps in boosting energy levels and keeps you hydrated throughout the day. Apart from this, this combination of sugar and curd is good for your stomach. It pacifies pitta dosha and reduces burning sensation and acidity. Overall, it helps you to keep any digestive issues at bay. Overall, your digestive system gets the most benefit when you consume a bowl of curd and sugar.

curd with salt
Curd with salt

Curd With Sugar Side Effects

But if you believe in science, there are disadvantages to eating curd and sugar. Together these two become high calorie and thus it can increase your weight.

Apart from this, it also increases cravings which play a hidden role in weight gain. Apart from this, diabetes and heart, patients are also prohibited from eating curd and sugar.

Should we eat curd with salt?

Most of us who make curd at home using cow's milk usually add a little salt to enhance the taste and promote digestion.

Salt has the ability to make food taste good. Also, for those who have acidity problems due to vitamin C in curd, they should also eat it with salt.

Apart from this, diabetic patients should also eat curd with salt. Also, if you are consuming curd at night, adding mostly salt makes digestion easier and keeps the stomach cool.

Is It Harmful To Eat Curd With Salt?

It is believed that salt is antibacterial so it can kill the beneficial bacteria present in the curd which act like probiotics. Apart from this, it is also advised that you do not add excessive salt to the curd. Particularly for those individuals who have hypertension issues as it can build BP. This builds the possibility of stroke, hypertension, dementia, and other heart infections.

What is the healthiest way to eat curd?

So, the healthiest way to eat curd is to have plain curd first. Also, if you want to increase its taste, then add a little sugar or jaggery. Keep in mind that when it is time for breakfast, eat curd sugar and eat curd salt in the afternoon and night. Apart from this, if there is a problem with diabetes, then eat curd with black salt.

FAQs - People mostly asked questions and answers

1) What happens if you add salt to sweet curd?

Curd is a staple food in our country which is often consumed with sweetness. But what if you add a little salt to the sweet curd? Will it make any difference to your taste? Let us discuss the beneficial results it can give you if you try this remedy.

1. Variety in taste: Eating salt curd brings a new and interesting change in your taste. This mixture combines sweet and salty flavors, making the experience of eating yogurt delicious.

2. Improve Digestive Power: Using salt in salt curd can improve your digestive power. Salt improves digestion and helps your body digest food.

3. Increase energy: The use of salt in salt curd can give you more energy. Eating salt increases your body's balance of vitamins and minerals.

2) Does refined sugar kill curd?

Curd is an important food item in Indian kitchens and is often consumed mixed with other dishes. Many times people ask questions about using pure sugar in curd because they think that pure sugar can kill the curd. Let us tackle this question and know whether pure sugar kills curd and whether you should avoid it.

In relation to pure sugar, it is true that using a mixture with curd can dilute the curd. This causes your curd to change and affects its quality.

Refined sugar is a type of processed sugar in which minerals and many parameters have been removed. This pure sugar imparts a different taste and quality than the sugar used in yogurt.

Therefore, if you want to preserve the quality and natural taste of the curd, you should use other natural sugar sources like honey, jaggery, or talc sugar instead of pure sugar. This will provide you with a healthier and natural alternative that will retain the firmness and flavor of yogurt.

3) How to eat curd during monsoons?

Curd is one of the main food items when the rainy season arrives in India, which is considered tasty and nutritious. However, it may be necessary to consume curd in this season keeping in mind the food safety. So, let us know how you can eat curd in the rainy season to stay healthy and safe.

Cleanliness Check: Before consuming curd, ensure that it is made properly and meets the standards of hygiene. For this, serve the curd in a pure and clean vessel and check it for failure.

Guaranteed Freshness: To retain the freshness of curd during the rainy season, you have to handle it carefully. Check its freshness and taste while taking it from the market and store it in a cool place. To keep the curd fresh and tasty, eat it quickly.

Consume dry and whole: Do not allow the curd to become moist during the rainy season, as moist curd remains more attractive and can cause microbial spoilage. Prefer dry and whole curd which will give proper traditional taste and nutrition.

Mix it with substances. Also, consider mixing yogurt with other substances before consuming it. Consuming curd with raw fruits, vegetarian and fresh salads in this season will add variety to the taste and will also benefit your health.

Thus, you can have healthy and safe curd during the rainy season. Tasty and nutritious curd will help you enjoy the rainy season and stay safe while keeping your health in mind.

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