Best 18 tips of Cure Hangover Naturally | Hangover Natural Remedies

Hangover Natural Remedies
Best 18 Tips of Cure Hangover Naturally | Hangover Natural Remedies

People who drink alcohol often suffer from hangovers. After having a hangover, people's minds cannot properly decide what to eat or drink to get rid of the hangover. Due to a lack of proper information, people are suffering from hangover and hangover also disrupts their life.

Hangover Home Remedies

Here are some effective ways to get rid of a hangover. You can dispose of hangovers at home with these cures. Let's learn about these solutions.

What is a hangover? (What is hangover meaning?)

When a person is intoxicated with alcohol and the person is intoxicated, the condition is called a hangover. In a hangover, a person cannot fully control himself. A person's intellect becomes relaxed. There is also a problem of headaches due to hangovers.

Common physical symptoms of a hangover include headache, red eyes, muscle aches, increased thirst, increased blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, tremors, and sweating. Similarly, there may be complaints in the form of mental symptoms such as dizziness, anxiety, mental tension, and irritability.

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The following are the causes of Hangover:-

  • Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach

  • When alcohol is drunk on an empty stomach, alcohol is absorbed faster. That makes it more intoxicating. This causes a hangover condition. Hence it should always be consumed after a light meal.

  • Drinking alcohol without water

  • Drinking alcohol causes frequent urination. Because of this, there is an absence of liquid in the body. It depletes electrolytes in your body. It also causes a hangover.


Hangover symptoms

There are mainly two types of hangover symptoms, which are as follows:-

1. Common hangover symptoms

Hangover symptoms vary from person to person. It also depends on the amount of alcohol intake by a person. So these are the common symptoms of Hangover:-

  • Yawn

  • Hiccups

  • Breathing fast

  • Trembling or twitching of limbs

  • Thirst

  • Headache

  • Confusion

  • Memory loss

  • Sadness

  • Hypnosis

  • Heartache

  • Anger

  • Chills

Stages of a hangover

A hangover is not the same, but depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, the symptoms of a hangover vary, which may include:-

  1. The first stage of a hangover

Intelligence, speed in memory, love, creation of happiness

Diet, sleep

The power of reading, singing, and speaking increases.

Lots of laughing and joking.


  1. The Second Stage of Hangover 

In this state, the conscience of a person starts to be destroyed gradually.

Intelligence, memory, speech, and physical functions are disturbed.

That person acts like a madman.

Gets lazy, and sleepy.

Energy in the body is depleted.

Sometimes he is right, sometimes he is wrong and sometimes he is stupid.


  1. The third stage of a hangover

An alcoholic has no self-control. He talks nonsense.

Does not respect parents or teachers.

He eats what should not be eaten.

Consciousness ends.

He also reveals his secret while drunk.

One becomes capable of inauspicious and improper work.

  1. The fourth stage of a hangover

It falls to the ground like a broken stick.

The patient has no sense of duty or passivity.

He becomes worse than a dead man, that is, he is like a dead man even when he is alive.

He does not get the pleasure for which he drinks alcohol.

One does not know what is happiness and what is sorrow.

What is beneficial and what is harmful to him in the world. Even this knowledge does not remain.

Best 18 tips of Home remedies for hangover

You can try these home remedies to get rid of alcohol intoxication or hangover:-

  1. lemon

To get rid of alcohol hangover after drinking too much alcohol, the sugar level in the body gets disturbed. To keep it well, mix 1 glass of cold water with lemon juice and drink it. You can add some sugar to it. This makes it easier to get over a hangover.


  1. Coconut water

Home remedies to cure a hangover Drink coconut water, its healthy and work over a hangover,

Drink as much water as possible. Try drinking coconut water. This can cure a hangover.

  1. Peppermint

Peppermint: Home Remedies to Treat a Hangover

Take 3-4 mint leaves. Put it in water boil that leave 3 to 5 min and drink it. Consuming it relieves the intestines by expelling the air from the stomach. Consuming mint is an easy remedy to get rid of a hangover.


  1. Ginger 

Using Ginger and Black Salt to Get Rid of Hangover (Ginger and Black Salt: Home Remedies for Hangover)

Consume ginger and black salt to relieve indigestion, nausea, and vomiting due to alcohol consumption and hangover.

  1. Tomato

Take fresh tomato juice. Tomato is rich in fructose which helps in digest alcohol. The organic and mineral elements present in it reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

  1. Honey

Consuming honey is beneficial in hangover Honey should be consumed. Honey has the power to neutralize the effects of alcohol and hangover. Due to fructose in honey, alcohol is metabolized. Honey additionally helps in the processing of alcohol.

  1. Banana

If you have a hangover, you should get enough sleep. Apple and bananas should be eaten.

  1. Sweet Juices: Home Remedies for Hangover Treatment

Sweet juices can be taken along with drinking. Keep in mind that do not take sweet things before and after drinking, because it makes the digestion of alcohol faster, and increases the chances of getting a hangover.


  1. Olive Oil: Home Remedies to Treat Hangover

Use olive oil to get rid of alcohol intoxication, Consume a spoonful of olive oil before drinking alcohol, and eating a heavy meal. This can avoid hangover.

    10.  Milk Treat a hangover naturally with milk

When you have a hangover, you need to drink 2-3 glasses of milk as it helps in quenching thirst and also helps in relieving nausea. It is a wonderful natural hangover remedy.

    11. Cure hangovers with oranges

Generally, a hangover sufferer can eat thick juicy oranges daily as this remedy is helpful in curing hangover conditions.

Home remedies for Hangover

12. Water

Water is a basic need of all. It is also an effective home remedy for Hangover. Drink plenty of water before sleeping. Drinking water provides some relief from the dehydrating effects of a hangover. Drink plenty of water even after waking up.

13. Chicken Noodle Soup

You can have chicken noodle soup when you have a hangover problem as it helps to soothe and relax the stomach. This home remedy for hangover is very effective.

14. Cabbage

To avoid hangover condition, you should eat raw cabbage.It’s a worthwhile home remedy for reducing hangover conditions.

15. Chocolate

During a hangover, you must have chocolate and water because chocolate helps to raise the sugar level and water helps to hydrate the body. Take this mixture at night before sleeping. It is a good hangover remedy.

16. Thyme leaves

Celery is a useful herb, useful in treating many health conditions. It is used to relieve hangover. You can make tea from 3-4 leaves of thyme. Put the leaves in a cup of water. Keep the mixture on low flame for 5 minutes. After removing the leaves, you can drink the remaining liquid.

Hangover cure

17. Cure a hangover with fluids

Alcohol stimulates the kidneys to produce more urine and then the body becomes dehydrated. When your body is very dehydrated, it needs to be repaired. Fluid is needed to replace fluid lost during that time. At that time you can drink tomato juice and grapefruit. All fruit juices are also good at such times. Liquids are the best remedy for a hangover.

18. Cure a hangover with vitamin C

Vitamin C is definitely a hangover cure as it helps in breaking down alcohol in the body. Drink a good amount of citrus fruit juice in the morning.

The Hangover Diet

Try to eat starchy foods to slow down the absorption of alcohol. Drink plenty of water before going to bed. You should stick to non-carbonated beverages as carbonation can speed up the absorption of alcohol.

Your Diet in Hangover

At the time of hangover, your diet should be like this:-

Consume Shali rice, barley, moong, urad, wheat, marmalade, sugar candy, old ghee.

This makes it easy to get relief from hangover.


Your Lifestyle in Hangover

You should have change the your lifestyle like this:-

  • Fast to avoid hangover.

  • To avoid hangover, take cool air.

  • Wear a gem (crystal etc.) to avoid hangover.

  • Listen to music to get over a hangover.

  • To avoid hangover, take a bath with cold water.

Things to avoid

Avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks as they can cause further dehydration. You should limit yourself to less than 1 drink per hour. Avoid sugary drinks while drinking

FAQ Related Hangover Questions and Answers

Many people have these questions related to hangover in their minds.it is critical to focus on these safety measures prior to polishing off liquor and disposing of hangover :-

Should a diabetic patient not consume alcohol?

When a person with diabetes drinks alcohol in excess and suffers a hangover, there is a negative effect on blood sugar levels. consuming alcohol in overabundance diminishes the viability of insulin, which increments sugar levels in the body. Due to this headache and fatigue persists.

Does drinking alcohol in summer cause harm?

Alcohol increases the amount of urine. The consumption of alcohol reduces water and salt level in the body, due to which the person faces a hangover.

Is it harmful to drink alcohol at the time of fear, grief, or anger?

Alcohol is a depressant, which means it slows down brain and central nervous system processes. A hangover caused by excessive alcohol consumption affects neurotransmitters. This is essential for mental health.

What should be done to relieve stress?

Man consumes alcohol to remove his sorrows, but the truth is that alcohol does not remove sorrow, but it definitely creates mental tension and anxiety. Due to a hangover, one becomes physically unwell, and it also generates physical stress, mental stress. It also spoils relations with family in friends.


Avoid drinking alcohol if you want to avoid a hangover. It is important to remove stress from life should enjoy every moment of life. To remove stress, wake up in the morning and drink 4-5 glasses of water. After this do yoga and meditation this is the way to stay safe and healthy. 

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