Chakrasana- Wheel Pose, How to do & Benefits



Urdhva Dhanurasana or Chakrasana in literal terms are 'erect bows'. Wheel Pose however became a trend over time. The words “Chakarasan” are derived from the Sanskrit word “Chakra” a Sanskrit term meaning the posture of Chakrasansana in the body. The wheel poses or chakrasans are asanatic yoga poses that turn forward. In Sanskrit, the chakra signifies the wheels. Wheel Posing shows its ultimate positions. It will give you back flexibility. This is called Chakra-Sana because a person can literally hold this pose. Are you interested in acquiring knowledge of Chakrasana? so lets deep dive in this


What is Chakrasana?- Wheel Pose, How to do & Benefits?

Chakrasana is a two-word phrase. “Chakra” refers to the wheel, while “asana” refers to a yoga posture. Chakrasana literally means “wheel-like position”. Chakrasana is so named because the body looks like a wheel while doing it. It is also known as wheel position.


Chakrasana has Many benefits

Chakrasana is one of the best yoga poses to stay fit and healthy. Below are some of the health benefits of Chakrasana.


1. Chakrasana to reduce belly fat:

Chakrasana is one of the most effective yoga poses for reducing belly fat; Regular exercise can reduce excess belly fat. Apart from this Chakrasana helps in reducing waist and side fat. Chakrasana is so powerful in reducing belly fat that you will see results within a few days.


2. Waist is a powerful muscle:

Chakrasana is a great way to strengthen your spine. Doing Chakrasana daily makes the waist strong and flexible. People who spend long days sitting in one place should practice chakrasana yoga.


3. Reduces Thigh Fat:

Chakrasana is also good for strengthening thighs. Focusing on the thighs during Chakrasana strengthens the muscles in the thighs and removes excess fat from the thighs. Chakrasana has many benefits for people who are concerned about their thigh fat and want to get rid of it.


4. Chakrasana for Radiant Complexion:

Coming to the benefits of Chakrasana, it is also beneficial for improving the complexion. Chakrasana increases blood flow in the body, which is beneficial for the facial skin. As a result, the face glows and the skin stays healthy and young for a long time. Chakrasana also cures many disorders like pimples, acne, and wrinkles. The skin benefits of Chakrasana are incomparable.


5. The digestive system power:

Chakrasana is also good for strengthening the digestive system. As a result of high digestive function, food is digested quickly and completely, and the body is protected from many diseases. Those who have a weak digestive system should do Chakrasana regularly.


6. Lungs healthy and strong:

The benefits of Chakrasana are also beneficial for lung health. Chakrasana stretches the chest and lungs, which helps keep the lungs healthy and strong. Additionally, you should pay careful attention to your nutrition for the health of your lungs.


7. Hair Benefits of Chakrasana:

Chakrasana is also good for your hair. In Chakrasana the head is kept downward so that the blood reaches the scalp adequately. As a result, hair becomes stronger, hair loss is reduced and hair grows longer and thicker faster. Like Chakrasana, Headstand is extremely beneficial for hair. its most Effective Yoga Positions for Hair Growth


8. Useful for Stomach Problems:

Chakrasana is also beneficial for stomach problems like gas, acidity, constipation and indigestion. Regular yoga should be practiced instead of using medicines or powders for stomach ailments. Many yoga poses are excellent for stomach problems, but Chakrasana is the best.


9. Stress Free:

Chakrasana is also useful for reducing stress and anxiety. Regular practice of this asana calms the mind, improves brain function and gives fresh life to the brain's blocked areas. (Mental Benefits of Yoga)


10. Many other benefits of Chakrasana

Chakrasana strengthens the legs, hips, stomach, chest, waist, wrists, and hands. As a result, practicing Chakrasana initially may cause pain in various parts of the body, which will subside with time.


How can I do Chakrasana (wheel pose) step by step?

•        Chakrasana yoga should be practiced in a clean and calm environment.

•        Rest for a while on the mat on the floor.

•        Then, lying on your back, take two to four deep breaths.

•        Bend both knees and bring your ankles to your hips.

•        Raise both arms and bend both elbows at the same time.

•        Place the palms of the hands on the floor above the shoulders

•        Take a deep breath and slowly raise your core.

•        Between the two hands, the eyes are fixed on the same point.

•        Exist in this state for as long as possible

•        Do not try to force anything.

•        Finally, slowly exhale from this position.

•        You can repeat this process 2 to 3 times.


Chakrasana precautions:

There are some important things you need to know before doing Chakrasana; Otherwise, you will have to deal with the negative aspects of Chakrasana instead.

  • If you have heart problems or high blood pressure, you should avoid Chakrasana.
  • Avoid this asana if you have a hernia.
  • Avoid Chakrasana even if you have sciatica.
  • Pregnant women should avoid doing any asana.
  • Never force Chakrasana; Instead, take your time.
  • If you have any difficulty while doing Chakrasana, get out of the asana immediately.
  • Do this asana only after consulting a doctor if you have any major problems.

What yoga poses should be done before Chakrasana?

Before learning how to do chakrasana, it is important to understand that upright poses can be dangerous. In order not to overwork your muscles, you should warm up your body a little before Chakrasana. to fall Warm up the muscles of your waist, neck and legs before doing Wheel Pose. You can do this by doing related yoga poses.

•        Vajrasana

•        Balasana

•        Setubandhasana

•        Halasana

•        Bhujangasana


When should Chakrasana be avoided?

Chakrasana should not be done immediately after meals and should never be done at night. Do Chakrasana at least 2 to 3 hours after eating.

Chakrasana should also be avoided if you have fever, diarrhea, stomach ache or any other physical problem. To reap the benefits of Chakrasana, it should be done at the right time.


Who should avoid doing Chakrasana? (Wheel Pose)

These people should not do Chakrasana

Do not do this pose if you have any problems with your shoulders, back, or waist. However, you should not do this pose if you are pregnant. If you are forced to do this pose, do it only under the guidance of a professional. Patients with high blood pressure should not practice this as it may cause problems.






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